Snow Monkey and Bee

Intelligence and Diligence

Snow monkeys are Japanese macaques, and are known for their intelligence. They live farther north than any other nonhuman primates and have learned to soak in hot springs to keep warm. 

Bees are known as some of the hardest working creatures. Honey bees in particular, help the pollination process for a vast amount of fruit.

There are many competing theories about any practices, including intercultural communication, but often only very few become predominant. This does not mean they are right or suit everyone. Nevertheless, people follow them. It could be for a variety of reasons, including celebrity endorsement or media coverage. Interestingly, the more people follow such theories, the more people they attract, creating a snowball effect.

Taking advantage of herd mentality is central to marketing, particularly in this day and age of social media and influencers.  

Understanding Japanese culture and the language is not easy. It is important to approach them intelligently.


Don't be a sheep!

With these in mind, Snow Monkey and Bee was created by Dr Nobumi Kobayashi, in order to offer practical solutions to overcome challenges found in Japanese and English intercultural communication.

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