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The Snow Monkey and Bee Way

Have you been working towards the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) for many years, but you still cannot understand Japanese TV programmes nor join in a conversation with Japanese people? 

Japanese Garden

Have you tried various language apps to no avail?

Are you constantly in search of that magic solution, only to be disappointed? 

Basically, do you feel like you have hit a brick wall?

Japanese Interior

Why do you accept one-size-fits all approaches? 

Japanese is very different from English, reflecting the underlying culture. This is why Japanese seems difficult for English speakers. 

Translating between these languages doesn't quite work: most things get lost in translation. 

Japanese Sandals

You need to pay attention to why and how certain words and phrases are used and in what contexts.

Did you know that conventional teaching/learning methods don't help you become fluent in the language?  

They focus on making the process of learning simple and easy by breaking down the language into easily digestible forms.

Most language learning apps only make you lazy by doing the work that your brain should be doing. 

Conventional methods use grammar-points-driven language, which is often artificial and different from everyday Japanese. 



Isogaba maware (haste makes waste)

The Snow Monkey and Bee way helps you shave years off your learning curve. 

Snow Monkey and Bee offer a holistic approach by concentrating on real Japanese.


We focus on helping you improve your listening and reading skills by using authentic materials. 

This will in turn nurture your ability to speak Japanese more naturally.

The Snow Monkey and Bee way is designed to help you train your brain to look at the language as the Japanese do.


What do our current and past students say

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James D.jpg

James D.,

London, UK

This method has been absolutely helpful. My language and spoken skills have grown immensely since I started taking lessons.

One-to-one lessons


Haleigh K.,

Washington D.C., USA

My Japanese learning and acquisition obviously increased after introducing the methods and techniques, particularly concerning my reading comprehension.

One-to-one lessons 

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Rob T.,
British Columbia, Canada

The course teaches Japanese in more accessible, every day Japanese through anime. 

'Fast Track to Fundamental Japanese Listening Skills

Through Anime'

5-week introductory course

Are you an English speaker? 

We recognise that a learner's mother tongue and its host culture play an important role in acquiring a foreign language.

Serious about being able to communicate in Japanese?

One-To-One Lessons

  • Facilitate your journey towards the acquisition of Japanese by following the Snow Monkey and Bee way

  • Intensive, tailored and fun  

  • Suitable for those who would like faster progress

Short Courses 

Fast Track September 2022.png



Wed 28 September - Wed 26 October

  • This highly PRACTICAL course helps you learn HOW TO RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN programmed to process the English language to recognise the AUTHENTIC SOUNDS OF JAPANESE and negotiate its FLEXIBLE WORD ORDER


Junior Japanese Through Anime

  • Learning Japanese Through the Snow Monkey and Bee way 

  • Suitable for young anime fans* around the ages of 13 and over

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*This ensures that the learners have regular exposure to the Japanese language. 

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the Snow Monkey and Bee Way™️ works? 

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