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The Snow Monkey and Bee Way

Have you been preparing for a Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) for a long time, but feel frustrated that you still cannot understand Japanese TV programmes nor join in a conversation with Japanese people? 

Japanese Garden

Do you find the direct teaching method(lessons taught only in Japanese) difficult?

Are you thinking that the exiting textbooks and resources a little too dull?  

Have you tried various language apps to no avail?

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Basically, do you feel like you have hit a brick wall?

Snow Monkey and Bee can help you. 

Japanese is very different from English, reflecting the underlying culture. This is why translating between these languages doesn't quite work: most things get lost in translation. 

Japanese Sandals

We draw attention to cultural aspects, explaining accurately why and how certain words and phrases are used, and in what contexts.

Snow Monkey and Bee was created by Dr Nobumi Kobayashi through a bilingual/bicultural perspective 

It takes account of common issues faced by English speakers.

Unlike conventional language teaching methods, it focuses on improving the listening and reading comprehension skills by taking account of differences between Japanese and English

This will in turn nurture your ability to speak Japanese more naturally.

The commonsensical system helps you shave years off your learning curve. 



Isogaba maware (haste makes waste)

Our approach is designed to help you train your brain to look at the language as the Japanese do.

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James D.,

London, UK

This method has been absolutely helpful. My language and spoken skills have grown immensely since I started taking lessons.

One-to-one lessons


Haleigh K.,

Washington D.C., USA

My Japanese learning and acquisition obviously increased after introducing the methods and techniques, particularly concerning my reading comprehension.

One-to-one lessons 

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Rob T.,
British Columbia, Canada

The course teaches Japanese in more accessible, every day Japanese through anime. 

'Fast Track to Fundamental Japanese Listening Skills

Through Anime'

5-week introductory course

Are you an English speaker? 

We recognise that a learner's mother tongue and its host culture play an important role in acquiring a foreign language.

Serious about being able to communicate in Japanese?

One-To-One Lessons

  • Facilitate your journey towards the acquisition of Japanese by following the Snow Monkey and Bee way

  • Intensive, tailored and fun  

  • Suitable for those who would like faster progress

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Short Courses 

  • Designed to help you learn how the Snow Monkey and Bee way works for facilitating the acquisition of Japanese

  • Suitable for independent learners 

5 Day Mini Bootcamp: 
Supercharge Your
Japanese Listening Skills

Stars on 26 October 2021

Junior Japanese Through Anime

  • Learning Japanese Through the Snow Monkey and Bee way 

  • Suitable for young anime fans* around the ages of 11 to 14

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*This ensures that the learners have regular exposure to the Japanese language. 

We offer free webinars and taster sessions. 

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