Dr Nobumi Kobayashi, CELTA

Intercultural Communication Specialist

Learning Facilitator

​I am bilingual and bicultural, through a cosmopolitan education.  Aside from working in intercultural communication, I am also a researcher, writer and standup comedian - I write and perform stand up comedy. Actually, I don't feel that any of these alone describes me too well,  just like everything else in life. Of course, this thinking is incorporated into my intercultural communication work - I take a holistic and relational approach. Most importantly, I take having fun quite seriously, too.


  • Born in Nagano, Japan and grew up in Tokyo

  • Went to a United World College (an international school) in the USA on a scholarship from the Keidanren, Japan

  • Completed the following degrees:

​BA (Hon) Politics, University of York, UK 

MSc in State and Society, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), UK 

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded MRes in Social Science and PhD in Sociology, The Open University, UK

  • Gained a CELTA at International House London

  • Industry experience in banking, media and recruitment. Notably, I worked as a researcher for late Robert Whymant at The Daily Telegraph Tokyo Correspondent's Office.

  • Professional experience as a Japanese/English translator and interpreter

  • Training in acting and drama, including voice training and Received Pronunciation (RP)

  • Basic knowledge of Romance languages, including Spanish and French

  • Write and perform stand-up comedy in English